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Our R&D Laboratory:

About us

Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited is a company incorporated for manufacturing, marketing of high quality, innovative products that are practical and easy to use. Our products are sold under 'Ideas Unlimited' brand name.

Our Smart Living concepts turned into products after due evaluation of a real life problem, field tested and eventually are manufactured and sold under the brand 'Ideas Unlimited'. All products developed, manufactured and sold under 'Ideas Unlimited' brand.

All our products are Designed and Made in India and are able to work under Indian conditions.

OEM Manufacturing for third parties

We also do OEM manufacturing of products for other companies and brands as well. Click on our Business Model page to know how we operate with OEMs for manufacture of their ideas into products and also with EMS Service providers.

R&D Activity, Turning ideas/concepts into products etc.

We have a dedicated lab (a separate company) called 'Ideas Unlimited' ( for doing:
  1. Research and Development of new concepts and technologies
  2. Turning Ideas/Concepts into Prototype and eventually products
  3. Full Product Lifecycle Managament of early stages of a product. Later stage of product life-cycle like manufacturing, support, sustenance is done by us.
  4. Product Evaluation and validation aspects.
Ideas Unlimited has a full fledged lab and facility for all the above mentioned activities and develops all the products manufactured by us.

Click on Business model page to know more about our business operations.