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HAWKEYE: Industrial/Farm Security and Intrusion detection system for high security requirement zones/areas.

Overview of HAWKEYE

The Hawkeye is a novel concept designed for Industrial/Farm Security and for Intrusion detection in an unauthorized manner, and also to deter the intruder. The device works on an Infra-Red sensor, which monitors an area continuously. On detection of any living being (Humans, Animals like dogs/cats) the device triggers the security devices it is connected to.


The product finds various novel security applications in Industrial, Commercial and Domestic areas. See link 'Where can I use it?'

What kind of devices can HAWKEYE drive?

HAWKEYE Product along with some typical devices it can drive.

The HAWKEYE system is designed to be used with any commercially available, off the shelf security products that operate at 230V AC. The devices that can be connected to HAWKEYE include:
  • Sirens/Hooters
  • Alarm Systems
  • Halogen lamps/Other types of lighting
  • Rotating Beacon lights
  • Flashing Alert lights
The Hawkeye is a very versatile security product designed for use in various security applications. The specificiations of the product is mentioned below.


Product Specification

Parameter Value
Sensor Range: 20'X20' maximum
Typical output devices: Hooter/Siren, Halogen Lamps, Rotating Beacon Lights, Alarm systems, Buzzers etc. (Not supplied with device)
Operating Voltage 110-230V AC, 50-60Hz
Wide Voltage range
Load Capacity: 600 Watts Maximum
Unit Dimensions: 154 x 85 x 45 mm
Alert Timer Options: Continuous if intruder continues to be present. 10/30 Seconds after intruder flees, alert is switched off.
Power Consumption Standby mode: 50-100 milli-Watts
Active mode: 350-450 milli-Watts
Safety Features: 1) 6A Glass Fuse (user-replaceable) present to prevent short-circuit/overloading
2) Higher rating connectors and contacts for safety and reliability.
3) Safety rubber cap to cover connectors for both safety and aesthetics.
4) Shock proof (end user useable) connectors
5) Complete electrical isolation between Sensing and switching circuit

PDF Manual HAWKEYE Installation Manual and User Guide
PDF Brochure HAWKEYE Product Brochure (PDF)

HAWKEYE Applications: Where can we use HAWKEYE product?

The Hawkeye is a very versatile security product designed for use in various security applications. A few applications are mentioned below.

Industrial Security:
  • Hazardous areas where humans are barred from entering, to detect intrusion by human beings or animals
  • Storage areas, warehouses and go-downs to detect unauthorized entries at unauthorized times
  • Key entry and exit points of buildings
  • Prohibited areas
Farm/Agriculture Security:
  • Key entry and exit points around a farm house to detect wild animals or human intrusion
  • Key fence points of a farm where normally wild animal intrusion occurs (May require additional planning to make a fully functional application)
Commercial/Office Security:
  • Inside Bank vaults and safe areas after locking up, to detect intrusions.
  • Inside prohibited areas
  • Inside premises after closing for the day.
  • Material, documents, information storage areas to detect/deter unauthorized entry.
Domestic Security Applications:
  • Outdoor, below canopies, window projections
  • Back side of the house, less used areas in the compound which is potential entry point for intruders.
Night security and deterrence:
  • Jewelry shops
  • Prohibited areas
  • Museums and displays
  • Industries
  • offices
  • Shopping malls
  • etc...

HAWKEYE Product Installation

The HAWKEYE is designed to be installed by any electrician.

The following topics cover all aspects of HAWKEYE installation and use.

Mounting Location

HAWKEYE he product has to be installed from a roof with the sensor looking downwards. The alert devices can be installed either near to HAWKEYE or remotely at a different location. Since HAWKEYE drives standard 230V AC Alert devices, it allows long lengths of wiring to control the alert devices.

The HAWKEYE is not a water-proof product, so care has to be taken to install it in outdoor applications such that rain water doesn't fall on the device.

Wiring Schematic

Typical Installation Schematic for HAWKEYE

We typically recommend installing an On/Off (Arm/Disarm) switch to control switch for applications where HAWKEYE has to be disabled during certain hours of operation. A simple switch on the input side of HAWKEYE can serve as the Arm/Disarm button.

For Applications where 24X7 monitoring is required, HAWKEYE can be left switched on always. Our products are designed for 24X7, 365 days operation.

Initialization and Operation

When hawkeye is initially switched on, it familiarizes itself with its environment for nearly a minute. During this time, none of the alert devices are triggered and the front indicators display a running pattern to indicate initialization in progress. The initialization process may last about a little more than 2 minutes. This also gives the end user to arm the device and vacate the place.

Initialization Sequence Indication.
Once the device is ready, it stops the running sequence on the indicators and switches only the power indicator to indicate its working.

Initialized and Ready.
Intruder detected!

On detection of an intruder, the Sense and Alert indicators also glow, along with triggering all the alert devices connected to HAWKEYE.

Power Failure, UPS based operation etc.

In the event of a power failure, the HAWKEYE stops functioning and resumes its normal function after power is resumed. However, the HAWKEYE can also be driven by UPS/Backup power and it consumes very negligible amount of energy for its functioning.