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MS-101 Series: External Fit type Industrial use Movement Sensor.


MS-101 Movement Sensor Switch

For use in Industrial, Outdoor, Parking lot type applications. The device is compact and is designed to be installed to normal ceilings in already constructed buildings and can operate in a variety of places.

Typical use in basements, parking lots of offices, shopping malls and industries. The device can be installed to normal ceilings in already constructed buildings.

Product Specification

Parameter Value
Sensor Range: MS101-W2: 20'X20' maximum
MS101-M2: 14'X14' maximum
MS101-N2: 08'X08' maximum
Operating Voltage 230V AC, 50Hz
Load Capacity: 1000 Watts Maximum
Unit Dimensions: 185 x 112 x 52 mm
Off Timer Options: 2 Minutes for areas with high activity
6 Minutes for areas with low activitiy
Power Consumption Standby mode: 50-100 milli-Watts
Active mode: 350-450 milli-Watts
Safety Features: 1) 10A Glass Fuse (user-replaceable) present to prevent short-circuit/overloading
2) Higher rating connectors and contacts for safety and reliability.
3) Safety rubber cap to cover connectors for both safety and aesthetics.
4) Shock proof (end user useable) connectors
5) Complete electrical isolation between Sensing and switching circuit

Models in MS101 Series

Model Sensor Load
MS101-W2 Wide (20'X20') 1000 Watts
MS101-M2 Medium (14'X14') 1000 Watts
MS101-M1 Discontinued. Use MS102.
MS101-N2 Narrow (8'X8') 1000 Watts
MS101-N1 Discontinued. Use MS102.

PDF Manual MS-101 Series Installation Manual and User Guide
PDF Brochure Movement Sensor Switch Product Brochure (PDF)