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MS-501 Spl Edn (Miniature/Low cost)
MS-501 (Miniature/Low cost)
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MS-102 (Compact External Fit)
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MS-301 (Heavy Load for ACs)
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MSBR501 (Mounting Bracket)
MSBR102 (Mounting Bracket)
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MSBR-102: 2 Axis swivel bracket for mounting MS-102 Series (Compact External Fit Type Sensors) and HAWKEYE Products

All our sensors sensors come with built in mounting options and are supplied with screws and plugs for mounting on wall/ceiling.

To further help in installation and deployment easily, we offer an Optional Accessory 2-Axis Swivel Bracket (MSBR-501) specifically to mount MS102 Series. Using this bracket, an MS-102 series product can be mounted on ceiling or wall. The bracket allows 2-axis swivel of the installed product, which can be used to fine tune/adjust sensing zone as required conveniently. (See Pictures and drawings below)
MSBR-102 Photo 1

MSBR-102 Photo 2

MSBR-102 Photo 3

MSBR-102 2 Axis Swivel bracket for mounting MS-102 Series products


PDF Manual MSBR-102 - Instructions to install MS-102 Series products using MSBR-102 2-Axis Swivel bracket
PDF Brochure Accessories for Movement Sensor Switches - Brochure